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Hello and welcome to my professional website. My name is Ireneusz and my mission is to help people intentionally introduce changes - smaller and bigger, into their lives to improve their wellbeing. I write and talk about how to cope with the feelings this entices and I am constantly searching for new technologies - tools and services that were build with people in mind. I then present them and give tips on how to implement and use these "things" to help us in our lives with some annoying, mundane tasks.

On this page I would like to share with you my strengths and skills to give you the idea of what I could help you with, what was the path that led me to this point and why some areas of my preoccupation are so natural to me. I hope we could work together one day and then this gives you the idea of what are my specialties.

I like to make self-assessment tests and gain insight on my strengths to develop them. Here are the results of two very interesting tests that could help you as they helped me, to define the key areas you should focus on in self-development and define your personality type.

While looking for such tests on your own, please verify if they are based on scientific ground or are they purely there for entertaining purposes, like the funny but worthless quizes found in various social-media channels.​

psychological tests

Psychological Tests

I encourage you take an hour to make these tests. Why? First of all it's fun, second - it's just good to know how you differ from other people, as we are all different with different sets of skills, talents, but also character traits, which harder to change.

So... don't fight it - empower your strengths and be the best version of yourself.

Ireneusz Krajewski strengths and skills

I'm a Protagonist

According to te 16personalities test I am an ENFS -A/-T type of person which means a Protagonist so I'm a bit of a person who likes getting to know new ideas and presenting them to the world in a consumable format. Protagonists are also natural leaders full of passion and charisma and true believers in people.

16 Personalities test

Find your personality type

Personality type:

​"The Protagonist" (ENFJ-A)

Individual traits:

​Extraverted – 73%,   Intuitive – 51%,   Feeling – 67%,   Judging – 68%,   Assertive – 61%




People Mastery​

I'm very happy to have discovered this test and I was amazed on how accurate it was in my case. The results of this test encourage me in fact, to launch one of my projects and record some of my on-line videos to spread ideas and teach about digital project management - Enjoy!

My 5 Key Strengths

The CliftonStregths test by Gallup is a really interesting tool, which makes you aware of your top 5 key strengths. The main idea behind this test is that you should work only on these 5 areas in your life, strenghten and build upon them and forget the rest as working on other areas which are not your strengths is ineffective.

According to this test - my key strengths are:

1. Empathy

My special talent is sensing the feelings of other people and the ability to "step in in their shoes" which helps me to discover the world.

2. Responsibility

I always take full responsibility and the psychological ownership of what I say I will do. One of the values I am most commited to honour is honest and loyalty.

3. Command

I have presence in situations which demand acting upon. I know how to make decisions.

4. Relator

I enjoy building fruitful relationships with other people and I find deep satisfaction in working with friends to achieve a goal.

5. Activator

I turn ideas into action, because boredom makes me feel impatient and nervous. So I prefer to act.

Clifton StrenghtsFinder 2.0

Clifton StrenghtsFinder 2.0

Now test yourself!

Did you find that interesting? Can it be useful? Now... just go ahead and try it for yourself - it can't hurt, it's fun and can bring some new, rich thoughts.

These two tests are based on science, they're not just social-media quizes mad for entertainment only:

1. Take the FREE personality test -

2. BUY and take the 5 Strengths Test​ - CliftonStrengths

And if you want to take a minute or more to let me know if it was helpful - please write me at: .
Thank You!