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Ireneusz Krajewski Digital Project Management


- I want to manage digital projects.

Learn the tools and most effective techniques used for managing digital projects and learn how to transition from standard PM to DPM. 

- I want to launch a digital product.

Learn how to take on and kick off digital projects successfully, get everything done on time, within budget and ship the final product.

And What Exactly is Digital Project Management (DPM)?

Digital Projects are...

  • E-commerce, Web-store Design, Interactive User-Journey Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing Campaign Design
  • Content-Management and Optimization + Copywriting
  • Social Media Management - Campaigns and Marketing in Social Channels
    • E-Website Development and Design including User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design
    • Mobile Apps Development and Responsive Design
    • SEM (Search Engine Metrics) and SEO (Search Enginen Optimization)

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Do You Want To Learn Something New Today?

...Search Engine Optimization

About The Host - Who Am I?

Ireneusz Krajewski Digital Project Manager
Learn more about my projects

I am a Digital Project Manager, who helps clients grow their internet business and develop information products.
Currently I work for start-ups managing IT projects.
I hold a Master of Science in civil engineering and have spent 5 years in the precast concrete production industry in the roles of Project Manager and Technical Sales Advisor.

I personally own and operate these services : Carelings.pl and Zdrowy-Dom, as well as this professionally oriented blog at IKrajewski.pl.

My passions are new technologies, especially the IoT (Internet of Things) and growth-hacking. I am interested in digital marketing, constantly learning new e-marketing strategies. 
My big hobby is dance, exclusively argentine tango. I am interested in digital marketing, constantly learning new e-marketing strategies.

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Tips, tool reviews, templates and mini-training to help you progress with your internet projects.

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